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How to get there?

From Mexico City*:

  • 1) The Metro stop Terminal Aérea is fairly close to the Terminal 1 of the International Airport Benito Juarez. One should take the Metro in direction to Politécnico, and go out in the stop Autobuses del Norte. This stop is located just next to the North Bus Station. From the main entrance of the bus station turn right and look for the desk of ETN; this company offers trips directly to Tequisquiapan (be aware that Tequisquiapan might be the second or third stop, please ask before getting out the bus; each stop only takes a few minutes). The first bus of the day departs at 6:15 h and there are buses every hour until 21:15 h, which is the last one. If you want to book the bus ticket in advance, click this link.
    Please consider a time of at least two hours to get out from the airport, reach the Metro and arrive to the bus station by Metro (this may vary depending on how busy is the airport at the time of your arrival).
  • 2) Another option from Terminal 1 of the International Airport Benito Juarez is to look for the ticket desk of Buses "Primera Plus" in front of Door 7 (Puerta 7). There is a bus to San Juan del Río, Querétaro, which runs daily at 18:15 h (price is $245.00 MXN). From San Juan del Río there are several options to reach Tequisquiapan, which is about half an hour away by bus.
  • 3) From other places in Mexico City one can go by Metro to the North Bus Station. One needs to look for the closest Metro stop and reach the Line 5 (Linea 5). Line 5 crosses with lines 1, 9 and A in Pantitlán, with line B in Oceanía, with line 4 in Consulado, with line 3 in La Raza. From any of these options one should take line 5 in direction to Politécnico and go out in the stop Autobuses del Norte. Line 5 also crosses with line 6 at Instituto del Petróleo, from there one should take direction Pantitlán and it is just one stop to Autobuses del Norte.)

* Safety reccommendations: As any major city, Mexico City has some level of common crime that can be easily avoided by taking some simple precautions. If you travel in Metro or you are in a crowded place, please do not leave your wallet exposed, such as in a back pocket of your clothes or bags. Taxis hired at the airport or bus stations are perfectly safe, but if you take a taxi in the street, please make sure that the number-plate has a small red square on the top with the sign TAXI.